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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> after hours of rain the wet weather is moving out. get ready for a windy day. it's starting out warm at 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. also yesterday was so foggy out, this morning you can see it's dark, you can see as far as the eye can see. it's nice. let's get our start with meteorologist bill henley. >> yeah, yesterday you couldn't see any of those buildings behind you on those windows you got there. this morning we're seeing things clear out in a hurry. a few scattered showers right now in southern chester county. sprinkles really. that's the last breath of rain coming from the system that brought us the rain late yesterday. it's cleared the shore. it's being blown out of the area. when the wind is starting to bring the temperatures down but look at this. doesn't look like december. 58 in pottstown. 60 in millville. 61 in wilmington. northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international are at 62 degrees but it's just dropped in the upper 50s for
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roxborough and south philadelphia. before sun ritz about an hour and 45 from sun rise the temperatures are still cooling at this hour. they will come down a few degrees and then we'll see a slow climb. the battle goes between the sun and the wind. the wind will keep the temperatures down while the bright sunshine will try to warm things up. won't have much success by 10:00, in the upper 50s. by 1:00 this afternoon 60 degrees. and quite windy too. we'll look at the winds when i'm back but first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has a look at your commute. >> it's 5:30 this tuesday morning. things are picking up. you can see behind me a live look outside in center city philadelphia. this is the schuylkill expressway right where it meets up with the vine street expressway. we like this shot. it means the vine street expressway reopened after construction closed a portion of it to drivers. so your drive times are looking good around the region. 95, 76, and the blue route all typical trouble spots but in the green lights right now. no accidents to report on our major roadways.
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we are following a smaller accident in montgomery county in whitemarsh township on stenton avenue. right at militia hill road. be aware of an accident in that area. a look in new jersey at drive times, 295 and the 42 freeway, headed southbound between 38 and 168 about -- 55 going to take you about 5 minutes. >> thank you, katy. today is the last day that you can register for health care under the affordable care act and get your coverage for january. >> let's get details from matt delucia live in center city. what do we need to know? >> reporter: that's right. today is the last day to sign up if you want your coverage to start at the beginning of the year. philadelphia's being recognized by the white house for efforts to get more people to sign up. the white house started a healthy communities challenge in 20 cities including philadelphia. philly is in the top three behind milwaukee and detroit.
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and the white house says that right now for the first time in history 90% of americans have health insurance, that's still more than 10.5 million who could insured are not getting it. >> what better new year's resolution than to be able to say you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have affordable health insurance. >> reporter: one of the white house advisers talking about signing up. and there are plenty of location and hot lines if you need assistance to get signed up for the affordable care act to get health insurance, again today is the deadline if you want to get signed up and get everything going at the start of the new year. live in center city, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you, matt. today a former u.s. army major and his wife will be sentenced after they were found guilty of child abuse. john and carolyn jackson were convicted in july and will be sentenced at federal court.
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prosecutors say the couple tortured their three foster kids all under the age of 4 and developmentally delayed. they broke their bones and denied them medical treatment. the couple faces up to 10 years in prison. >> and from our south jersey bureau police are concerned a gas station robber is getting more try lent. there have been three assaults in about a week. two in burlington city, one in burlington township. the recent happened inside the u.s. gas on high and fourth streets. the suspect punched the clerk several times. >> there have been three and they are getting more violent. he is starting become more physical and the last one sustained facial injuries. >> police say if you happen to recognize this man give them a call. >> a bucks county community comes together to remember a young student killed while skate boarding. 14-year-old steven kim was hit and killed by a car saturday night. he was a ninth grade football
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star. yesterday his friends and family gathered at the football field to remember him. >> he was a great person. the best i met in my entire life and i hope i can be more like he was. i think he was the best. >> police say kim was trying to cross the street on his skate board two friends saturday night when he was hit. the driver stopped and there are no charges. >> happening today from our delaware bureau, hunters get a chance to shoot deer in northern new castle county. hunters can participate in the state sponsored hunt at brandywine creek state park. the park will be closed to the general public. the delaware department of natural resources and environmental control sanctions the hunt every year to stop habitat damage caused by the deer. >> and this week philadelphia is turning blue for a good cause in honor of the children's hospital of philadelphia. the ben franklin bridge and
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other land marks are going blue for the season of light. it's a community wide event to let patients know they are cared for and loved. they encourage people to send a candle and words of encouragement to children in the hospital. bill cosby is back in the headlines firing back. cosby is taking some of his female accusers to court. ahead find out why his legal team says the comedian is the victim. also ahead, one of the most popular gifts this season, in fact, the faa is even interested in drones especially yours. what you need to know before liftoff. >> 62 degrees at 5:36. we've got a warm start, but there have been big changes overnight. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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coming up on 5:39. the wind speeds coming up this morning. it's windy in philadelphia. this is a flag blowing at the studios. the wind is helping to clear things out bringing the temperatures down but it's still very warm, 62 degrees in northeast philadelphia. the wind is steady at 12 miles an hour. gusting to 22 miles per hour already. wind gusts are stronger in the mountains, 31-mile-an-hour gusts for mount pocono and near 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts in trenton at this hour. most of the area is going to see gusty winds through the day. which will help push these clouds out of here. the rain ended. now a few sprinkles are left with these clouds and those are not going to last. temperatures will be held back by the steady wind. at 9:00 we'll be at 56 degrees, cooler than it is now. we'll see a little bit of a warm-up. by noon time today, 59. we should top out in the low 60s. 50s for camelback, and
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pennsburg, middle 50s today. strong gusty winds for sauterton, moorestown, the wind blowing at the shore too. 60 this afternoon for cape may, millville and symrna up to 60 with partly sunny skies. a few clouds blowing through philadelphia as the temperature climbs to 61 this afternoon. that's cooler than it is now. 56 in malvern and 59 in wilmington. if this is not cool enough for you, probably not, the weekend forecast is what you want to see if you are a fan of december cold. i've got the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. >> haven't seen december cold yet. bill, thanks. let's get you to work. >> katy zachry's got a look at what, 95? >> i'm going to tell you about 95 after i tell you about an accident that cleared in montgomery county. we were watching it along stenton avenue which tends to get busy. fortunately that crash has cleared. it was at militia hill road.
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95, traffic is moving, increased volume especially southbound as you head between woodhaven and the vine into center city philadelphia. this is at girard avenue where you can see traffic is moving pretty smoothly. pennsylvania turnpike, fortunately construction cleared. your drive times westbound between route 1 and the exit for valley forge about 22 minutes, a tad under that headed eastbound on the turnpike. and fortunately, as we head closer to 6:00 we'll see construction on new jersey roads clearing. >> we'll see you in a bit. during the holidays you might end up with an unexpected guest or two. then there's this. >> easy girl. easy girl. >> it's a wild scene caught on tape. how a deer ended up in somebody's living room. >> and this morning the force is officially awake. to hollywood for a history making event as fans join stars of the most anticipated movie in a very long time.
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>> jurors will resume deliberations in the trial of a baltimore police officer charge independent the death of freddie gray. the jury got the case yesterday in the trial of william porter, that's porter on the right. he faces several charges
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including manslaughter. prosecutors say he was negligent for failing to buckle gray inside a van and failing to call a medic when gray asked to go to the hospital. instead gray was taken to a police station and arrived with a broken neck. a week later his death set off rioting. >> president obama says the fight against isis continues to move forward with urgency. the president made the comments at the pentagon where he met with his national security council. he says isis lost 40% of land it once held in iraq, he also out theed the success of recent actions of the u.s.-led coalition, like more fire power and special operations forces. >> each as we are relentless we have to be smart action targeting isil surgically with precision. at the same time our partners on the ground are rooting isil out. >> the president also announced he is sending defense secretary ash cart tear the middle east to work on ending the civil war in
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syria. a maryland man is in custody after being suspected of helping isis. he was formally charged in u.s. district court with attempting to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization. the fbi says he allegedly pretended to sell printers on ebay to mask payments coming from a suspected isis operative. >> a lawmaker says he will stand his ground and stay in session as long as necessary to fight a federal gun law loophole. congressman norcross says the loophole that allow phones terrorists on a no-fly list to buy guns in the u.s. is nonsense. he is calling on house speaker paul ryan to keep lawmakers in session before the holiday until they can take a vote to close that loophole. >> how can somebody who pledges allegiance to isis purchase a
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firearm. >> norcross says since 2004, 2,000 known terrorists have successfully purchased guns in the united states. >> listen up, you'll soon have to get a drone registered, it's a new requirement just announced yesterday. it covers aircraft weighing between a half found and 55 pounds. any one 13 and up has to register on an faa website starting on monday. registration costs $5. >> bill cosby is firing pack at seven accusers by suing them. he claims the women quote knowingly published false statements and accusations against him for financial gain. the women claim cosby defamed them by allowing his representatives to brand them as liars after they went public with allegationses of rape and sexual misconduct. about 50 women made accusations so far against cosby, the comedian has never been charged
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with a crime. >> in arkansas one family had a rude awakening from a wayward deer. look at this. >> easy girl. >> imagine waking up to find this and the cell phone to prove it. frightened deer, the animal crashed through the front window. the home owner was able to coax it out the back door. the deer was injured but able to run off. the force has awoken in hollywood. look from overhead as hundreds of fans gathered for the world premiere of "star wars: the force awakens", and at the same theater where the original made its debut in 1977, "the force awakens" opens everywhere on friday. >> look at this. it's a shipping container full of green crates that washed up on a san francisco beach. crews were out yesterday cleaning it up. more than 1,000 crates once filled with bread, the u.s. coast guard says 12 containers
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fell off after ship. the beach will stay closed until it's cleaned up. it's a week until the official start of winter. >> the warmer weather makes it feel like spring. one of the prettiest sights we see in spring, not one week from the start of winter. check out these cherry blossom trees in bloom. emseems as if the trees are confused about this mild weather. look at this picture from audubon where pink rose is blooming on this rose bush. the trees, they are confused, we're confused. >> my brother felt compelled to mow his lawn on sunday. it's growing kind of and i don't know what to do so. what's ahead, bill? >> we're all confused. >> i feel guilty i haven't been working in the yard. the lawn looks like it needs a little help. it's still green. put down seed, do a little
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aerating. it's an early spring. but look at this. look at the camera shaking, that's the wind that developed overnight. a strong gusty wind and you'll feel it through the day. still mild outside. those plants are still growing at this hour. 62 degrees, winds out of the west at 14 gusting to more than 20 miles an hour in the philadelphia area. we're seeing gusts in the pocono mountains of more than 30 miles per hour. the flags blowing. bringing the temperatures down. we're cooling down a bit but very warm from the mountains to philadelphia, 60s across delaware and south jersey. the last few sprinkles in chester county, this is the end of the rain that was so steady last night. at the bus stop we'll see sunshine, look at those temperatures. 54 in the suburbs, 57 degrees in the city. but the winds will be gusting, so feel a little chilly during the morning. not a whole lot warmer this afternoon thanks to the wind.
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still mild with readings in the 50s and 60s for today. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. the winds die down tonight and with clear skies it gets colder tomorrow morning. 30s in the morning for the suburbs, 41 in center city. pretty good did warm-up wednesday afternoon, 55 degrees. and here comes a little bit of rain for your lawn, 58 on thursday. then finally gets colder for friday, and this weekend we'll see temperatures drop down to freezing saturday morning. even colder on sunday. sunshine both days, saturday and sunday, highs in the 50s. a cold evening game for the eagles at lincoln financial field, readings drop into the 30s by monday. monday afternoon we're headed into the 50s. warming trend that will have us in the 60s as we head toward chris mass. >> okay. i'm going to be totally confused. >> may not be a white chris mass. time to get another look at traffic and a shout out and some luck to our friends in the
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lehigh valley. >> katy has a look at roads there. >> right. i've been checking our cameras in the lehigh valley. 78 clear of issues. i saw a shot of 78 at seeder crest, running smoothly there. 309 great if you take that north to the lehigh valley and 222 are looking great. into center city philadelphia you can see our average speeds are great. 66 miles an hour is the average speed on the vine street expressway. 5 sticks miles an hour is your average as you head south on 95. toward center city and 5 sticks miles an hour is your average speed as you head on the schuylkill expressway outside of center city philadelphia. a look now at our drivers along route 422, there is construction on route 422 between route 100 and stowe road. down to one lane for a bridge replacement there. as you can see despite that traffic is running pretty smoothly and drive times are good. >> imagine turning on your fau set the and seeing nothing but
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brown water. >> not good. that's what is happening for some in bucks county. next, hear what's in the water and why things got worse. plus this. ♪ the sights and sounds of christmas with an interactive twist. you can control someone else's light display.
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>> take a look at this water. that's frustrating people in one bucks county neighborhood in falls township say the rusty water has been an issue for years and now the town is working on a temporary fix by flushing the old pipes but that fix has created a new mess with sludge ending up in their homes. >> i have to bathe my son in that, my husband does, i cook in it, i wash my clothes in it. stains everything. i got like a sludge in my pipes from it just sitting in there. >> the township says it will be years before they can line or replace all of the old pipes. officials say the money isn't there at this point.
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>> there will soon be a way to see how many animals end up in shelters. a nonprofit is working on a national data base to collect information from shelters across the country called shelter animals count. the data base project. two people will staff the project. one will look at the data and the other recruit shelters and rescues to sign up. it will give a better sense of how dogs and cats move in and out of the system. the aspca estimates there are 13,000 shelters in the country, it takes more than 7.5 million animals go through the shelter system every year. of those more than 2.5 million are put to sleep. and another 2.5 million adopted. >> every weekend, tune in on saturday mornings to see an adoptable animal you can make a forever friend. >> pennsylvania's budget stalemate may soon make it impossible for some local school
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districts to get another loan to stay open. credit rating agency standard & poor's with drew its rating of a key program that allows pennsylvania to divert money for school districts to lenders. but the agency says pennsylvania can't prove it can repay more loans. so, some of the districts may be impacted and that includes philadelphia, reading and bethlehem. a holiday light display in york county is turning heads. >> it's turning ours. it's all for a good cause. take a look. ♪ this is all the work of 17-year-old caleb. more than 30,000 lights are sequenced to music you can hear on your car radio. caleb built an app where you can control parts of the display from your own phone as you cruise by. >> when i found out i could do it i had to because i thought it was the coolest thing, and
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people love to come out and watch it so that's why we keep doing it. >> he did it when he found out he could. >> if you can you should. right. >> instead of charging to see the display he hopes that people will make a donation to the human life services of york. >> that's the part i like. smart kid. good for him. >> "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> an armed man holds up a gas station in north philadelphia. police are looking for the gunman. >> he's a guy. >> patrols are stepped up in the logan section because of this incident. a man tries to walk away from a daycare with two children. a story only on nbc 10. >> there are less than 24 hours to stein up for health care through the federal marketplace if you want to be covered as of january 1. we have what you need to know.
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good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. this warm weather has been amazing. nobody's complaining. let's get to nbc 10's meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> it was a record yesterday, we set another record therl morning after midnight it was 69 that broke the old record from 2008 of 66. but since we did that the wind has really increased and the wind is bringing the temperatures down. but it is not going to get cold during the day. winds of 17, 18-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia with gusts to 30 miles per hour. look at the temperatures, 50s and low 60s. at this hour this time of day these should be 30 degrees colder than they are for normal temperatures. right now in the upper 50s, sen sauken, camden, in the low 60s. we'll see a windy day that will push the clouds o


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